Since 2016, Antichrist Siege Machine has been churning forward, fueled by the hellborne compulsion to demolish everything in its path. From its inception, its trajectory has been aimed at the vulnerable heart of the great schism which weakens all whom it divides. Its campaign is to wage heretical warfare against all those who fear it. Those who have not yet felt the overwhelming force of ASM will swiftly submit as they heed its declaration: “Schism Perpetration is the resounding strike against the legions of false allies, forged legacies, and mockeries of true satanic hate. Antichrist Siege Machine bears the banner of godless strength above a battering ram against theocracy and its accomplices. A fatal blow will be dealt to the peddlers of false teachings and their atrocities committed against humanity.” Their latest EP, “Filth of the World” is an impetuous rapid-fire barrage that hearkens back to ASM’s demo days with quick songs and menacing mid-range screams, but with the finesse of seasoned veterans. On this EP, ASM show they haven’t settled into one formula and stuck with it, nor have they forgotten their origins, but instead continue to build on their foundation, upward and onward with all weaponry aimed at the heavens themselves.