Blood Star


Cold canyon winds whip across snow swept summits, whirling down to a sprawling valley floor. A blood red star hangs low over the horizon: the only light that pierces the opaque particulate haze. Perhaps it is an omen – a harbinger of good fortune. Or perhaps its presence symbolizes a chaotic and malevolent end. For several weeks the star has grown brighter, swelling in size and reddening in color. As the anomalous Blood Star’s crimson glow encroaches on the cobalt sky above, unease permeates all facets of existence. Anomie and malaise take root. Entropy seems to accelerate at an ever-increasing rate. Madness reigns. The world takes its last labored, heaving breaths bathed in relentless red rays of a sinister star.

Working within the template forged by previous practitioners of the heavy and dark arts, Noah Hadnutt (Bass – Sanctifyre), Jamison Palmer (Guitar – Visigoth), Madi Smith (Vocals), and Daniel Alexander (Drums – Envenom, Deathblow) form the four points of the Blood Star. The tenacious quartet tempers classic heavy metal with take-no-shit rock n’ roll. Their cutthroat riffs take cues from Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow, while the bone splintering bass tone and pummeling drums evoke the grinding rhythms of Motörhead, Saxon, and Accept. Hungry for conquest, Blood Star embarks upon their first North American tour in August 2018, supporting heavy metal powerhouse Night Demon. No stage is safe from the eldritch blaze of the Blood Star.