Destined911/Katrina Wells was born and raised in California where her musical skills were noticed from day one. As a child she would barely leave her room because she was busy working on song after song. It was her time at choir class at Louis Pasteur and at the Natomas Charter School of Performing Arts where she developed her vocal abilities even more and began to read music. James Glica – Hernandez who also served as Music Director For The Woodland Opera House would push his class to their limits. While in an operatic voice, she and the rest of her classmates would be competing to see who’s voice could go the highest. They did this almost everyday. She loved it because she uses those perfected skills in her music today. 

When she was able to get her first job at Burger King, she used her profits to pay for studio time at the Juan Blair Ugly Fingers Studio in Oakland California. Her family moved to Chicago Illinois and thats where she gained even more knowledge. Meeting legend after legend. Meeting Louis Satterfield of Earth Wind and Fire was life changing for her. He became her mentor; mentoring her day and night with long talks full of knowledge. Louis then introduced her to the infamous Sue Conway who gave her voice lessons. Later stating in an interview that every time she sings, she hears Sue Conways voice.  

With Destined911’s Incredible Team; Manager Fabian James, as well as the Diddy of Chicago TeamJohnHill, and TeamJohnHill Corp, there’s nowhere else to go, but straight to the top of the music game.  

Destined911 often states that she trust the process and steps of her strong team. 

Now if you’re a Destined911 fan, you know what to do, raise your flags to the sky!!!!! There’s more music to come!