Haru Nemuri


Haru has always made music for herself first, but now the world is listening — even if they can’t understand a word of the Japanese language in which she sings, raps and frequently screams. Haru has built a dedicated following thanks to extensive touring in Japan and other parts of Asia, and sold out numerous shows in Europe on her first trip there in 2019, which included a performance at the legendary Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. Haru Nemuri was named one of The New York Times’ Best Acts of SXSW 2021 and Haru’s debut album, “Haru to Shura,” which crafts songs with elements of “modern urban innocence, constraints and homogeneity, which therefore created a feel of tension and compactness had been highly acclaimed from all over the globe. Now, on the heels of five wildly different singles released in 2021, (“Bang,” “Inori Dake Ga Aru,” “Seventh Heaven”, “Old Fashioned” and “Déconstruction”) and a recent live session on KEXP, Haru is about to begin her first tour of North America in March 2022, where interest in her music has reached new heights in the past two years.