Idol Throne


Formed in late 2018 by co-lead guitarists Jason Schultz (Wraith, Mind’s Horizon) and Martin Bowman (Farwatch), Idol Throne is a band with a sonic mission and vision; the blending of elements from U.S. Power and Bay-Area Thrash Metal, combined with a progressive sense of songwriting, guitar-forward arrangements and a strong focus on melody. Joined by drummer/percussionist Aaron Grove (Axxios) in early 2019, and vocalist Jake Quintanilla (Mind’s Horizon) in 2020, the band made the most of the extended downtime caused by the global pandemic to record demo “Proof of Life” in the Fall of 2020, which was released on streaming platforms January 1st, 2021.

Bassist Trevor Kuta (Xenopredator) joined the band in early 2022, and solidified Idol Throne’s live lineup. The band’s debut LP “The Sibylline Age” was released in July of 2022 on Stormspell Records, to positive reception, and saw the band begin to define the eclectic mix of styles, genres, and influences that make up their sonic palette.

Now in 2023 the band is hard at work on the follow-up to “The Sibylline Age” and is focused on live performances around the U.S. Stay tuned for new music to come in 2024 and beyond.

Indiana Thrash/Power/Prog Since 2018