Born & Raised in Chicago, IL. La Rosa Noir is a post-punk band with dark surf and 90’s alt rock influences.The band is composed of 5 members: Yeshi Regalado – Frontwoman, Singer-Songwriter, and Rhythm Guitarist, Jannese Espino – Lead Guitarist, Dmitri Snyder – Trumpet/Synths, Christian Ovalle – Drums, Kevin Martinez – Bass. All members grew up and live in the north and south side of Chicago. La Rosa Noir just released their anticipated album “Arellano”, produced by Alex Gonzalez at Turn It Down Studios. This album is two years in the making and 5 years of performing in the local Chicago music scene. Embracing the beloved tones of the dark, dreamy, and warm. With familiar nods to post punk, surf, and alt rock. Arellano is written in a story-telling style by the Chicana frontwoman Yeshi Regalado, describing the adversities and delicious moments she experienced from relationships to punk shows in la villita, and to even losing a mother. This album and this band is all emotion and pure heart. La Rosa Noir presents their audience with this gift that highlights both the warmth and the bite this midwestern city brings.