Meatbodies is a band born from the mind of Los Angeles rocker Chad Ubovich, a long time fixture on the California garage punk and neo – psychedelic scene. Meatbodies’ guitar-heavy sound is as hard-hitting as the best punk while also brimming with bent, pop-friendly melodies. 2014’s Meatbodies, self titled, is an undying timeless rock ’n roll mosh pit, a sonic experience truly evocative of its creator: unabashed, unrestrained, beautiful and strange. 2017’s Alice is an underrated concept album that vaulted Ubovich into the same realm as his predecessors, and 2021’s 333 expands the group’s reach into new sonic realms while retaining all the punky punch of earlier works. We now reach 2024’s Flora Ocean Tiger Bloom, an album completed by an ironclad will and steely determination. It’s also Meatbodies’ most ambitious, varied, and realized record to date—and possibly their finest hour.