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The Scofflaws


The Scofflaws are a Huntington, Long Island, New York-based third wave ska band that debuted in 1988.

Disposal Unit


Disposal Unit: Industrial metal from Ohio. Sometimes sludgy, sometimes dreamy, never easy listening.



MUD the album out now 🕯️ the elixir album out now 🧪



Guardin is an alternative singer songwriter from Western New York whose music has inspired countless others through his honest lyrics and creative endeavors. Guardin has toured around the country as a headliner and co-headliner and in support of Oliver Francis, Gnash, Wicca Phase, Guccihighwaters, Lund, and Sewerperson.

Artur Menezes


Artur Menezes’ playing is a distinctive blend of fiery, hard-rocking blues that at times borders on shred, combined with an ability to effortlessly switch gears into swinging, jazz grooves. His Brazilian roots add a unique flavor to the mix and further distinguish his playing from that of his contemporaries. Menezes’ songwriting sparkles as it switches between straight-ahead blues and funk- flavored workouts, and his vocals channel the deep emotional content of his songs as effectively as his guitar playing. Fading Away, Menezes’ latest album (produced by Josh Smith and featuring a guest appearance from Joe Bonamassa), was a serious step up in both writing and playing. Its arrival laid down a clear marker for his place among the front-runners of the new breed of blues guitar heroes. Based in Los Angeles, CA, Artur is releasing new music in 2023 with Black Hill Records.

Earth Radio


Earth Radio finds itself in a profound nexus of contrasting styles, clashing aesthetics, and true diversity that coalesces into a new brand of driving, psychedelic, open-ended, and heavily improvised Rock n’ Roll
Earth Radio Is:

Nick Frasch-Drums/vox

Johnny Rose-Guitar/vox

Elix Smith-Bass/samples/

Matt Kamykowski- Guitars/Vocals

Ari Augustaitis-Keys



Mungion is Justin Reckamp (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Re (Keys/Vocals), Grant Martin (Bass/Vocals) and Jonny Gifford (Drums). Drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical styles, they create a raucous, yet jubilant sound all of their own. Since their inception in Spring of 2015, Mungion is quickly becoming known for their undeniably explosive and charismatic live shows. The Chicago-based four-piece is rooted in their ambitious compositions and improvisational ability.

Known for their whimsical songs and goofy stage antics, Mungion’s joyous presence is a natural extension of its members, making for live performances that are infectiously lighthearted and deeply sincere. Mungion is guaranteed to have you smiling ear to ear and leaving wanting more.

Dawn Of Ouroboros


Blackened Progressive Metal with members from Botanist, Cailleach Calling, and Red Rot. On Prosthetic Records.



Pulverizing death metal from Melbourne, Australia. Riffs so heavy it’s like bricks hitting your ears. Members of Derailment, Headless Death, Incinerated, Internal Rot, Incinerated, etc.



6kitty is a Chicago 3-piece, female-fronted indie rock band formed in 2018. Their sound has been compared to Vanishing Kids, UV-TV, and the Pixies. They fuse blended vocal harmonies, melodic forward bass lines, and hard-hitting drums. They released their first album, Tux, on 11/11/22 which was included in Fast ‘n’ Bulbous’ Top 100 Albums of 2022.



Lithia is a Chicago based project harboring sounds from indie/alternative/experimental rock. They are currently working on their debut full length album, Pink House.



CARDIEL is a two-piece rock band originally formed in Mexico City in 2010 by drummer Samantha Ambrosio and guitarist/vocalist ​Miguel Fraino, both from Valencia, Venezuela​. Their style contains elements of skate rock, fuzz punk and psychedelic dub.

Shubzilla x Bill Beats


Shubzilla and Bill Beats are a rapper/DJ duo based in the Pacific Northwest. They began working together in 2011. After releasing the single “Wonderful World” for “Bill Beats For President Vol.1,” the pair have gone on to release EPs “Late Checkout,” “BOOMERS,” “BOOMERS Vol. 2,” “The Belmont Tapes,” and more. Shubzilla and Bill Beats have performed at Super BitFest, SXSW, San Japan’s Jamspace, MAGfest, Nerdcore Dayz, The Never Give Up Never Surrender Tour, and many others. They have toured with acts such as mc chris, Kadesh Flow, Mark Cooper, and Prowess The Testament.

They are also the hosts of Seattle’s Friday Night Get Down, a monthly community hip-hop show. Occasionally, Shubzilla and Bill Beats stream gaming and music making on Twitch. They have livestreamed sets for shows such as Bonus Stage Vancouver, Virtua Ongaku, and The Four-Eyed Horsemen.

With Shubzilla’s frank and aggressive lyrics and Bill Beats’ penchant for samples and
bass-heavy compositions, they do not disappoint.

MC Snax


MC Snax has made it his mission to spread some much needed joy and freshness in an often negative and stale world. In his ever-building career, he has self-released several albums and EPs, all the while building a dedicated support base. Whether he’s writing about saving the world from an alien invasion with former WWE Champion and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, or rapping at length about his favorite discontinued snacks, the MC Snax discography is a vast resource of absurdly positive and oftentimes positively absurd music. Snax also co-hosts a Juggalo-themed podcast named Hatchet Chat with MC Lars. With his strong D.I.Y. ethic, MC Snax produces, records, mixes and masters all of his own music. Formulating a combination of synth-pop, chip-tune and hip hop, MC Snax plans on taking his unique style of music as far as it can go!

MC Lars


For over twenty years, MC Lars has built a fanbase across the US, the UK and the rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. In addition to touring, he has performed at Carnegie Hall, South by Southwest, San Diego Comic-Con, Slam Dunk, Truck Festival and as part of the ANS Warped Tour. He has performed on stage with numerous artists, including Bowling for Soup, MC Frontalot, Wheatus, Say Anything, Gym Class Heroes, Simple Plan, T-Pain, SnoopDogg, Nas, and Koo Koo Kanga Roo. His work includes collabs with a wide range of musicians – among them, “Weird Al” Yankovic, KRS-One, Sage Francis, Watsky, Mega Ran, Jaret Reddickof Bowling for Soup, Wheatus, the Matches, Kool Keith, Spose, MC Frontalot, YT Cracker, Schäffer the Dark Lord, Beefy and K.Flay. He has been featured on CNN, NPR, and MTV and
has been profiled in Rolling Stone, SPIN, and Alternative Press.

Lars has presented on the similarities between Shakespeare and hip-hop at two TEDx conferences and at numerous colleges and high schools. He has worked on a public-service basis with the American Heart Association, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Nantucket Historical Association, the New York City public school system, and the Los Angeles public school system (through the USC Annenberg School for Communication). His work has been featured in the Cambridge University Press Companion to Hip



Nimstarr is an american rapper famous for his songs nikes and others. He started blowing up when promoting his music on app “TikTok”



Mak and Jamie have been making music since the summer of 2023. Jamie responded to a flier that Mak put up in a Northwestern building which said something like “Looking for Bandmates that like Big Thief,” and Jamie likes Big Thief. The rest, needless to say, is history. They started writing together and performing around Chicago; their voices and brains seem to just fit. Lily (drums) joined in December—she responded to the same flier that netted Jamie. Levi (bass) responded to a different flier, but a flier nonetheless. They are having a lot of fun, playing their songs for people, and are excited to keep doing it.



Morbid Death Metal from Cleveland, OH. Formed in 1990.



Chicago’s Gorgasm arose from the remnants of another local band, Crematorium when guitarists Tom Leski and Tom Tangalos joined forces with bassist Russ Powell and drummer Derek Hoffman in 1994. A six-song demo showcasing their single-minded brutality and amazing speed emerged two years later, and a full album, sensitively named Stabwound Intercourse, followed in 1998. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

Master Boot Record


MASTER BOOT RECORD (aka MBR) is a project founded in 2016 by producer Victor Love (AKA Vittorio D’amore) mixing together heavy metal and synthesized electronic music. The project as a live band started their live activity in 2018 including renowned live performing artists such as the guitar virtuoso and Ibanez endorser Edoardo Taddei at lead guitars and technical death metal drummer Giulio Galati.

MBR released 14 albums so far with multiple record labels and has been one of the most successful musicians on US digital distribution platform Bandcamp charting #1 in general charts several times. Because of that Bandcamp often featured the albums and made interviews directly with the artist.

Starting in 2016 releasing albums under the indie label Data Airlines has moved in 2018 to synthwave iconic label Blood Music to expand its audience to the electronic community. In 2019 MASTER BOOT RECORD settled with Metal Blade Records, the historic metal label based in Los Angeles to release the latest two albums “Floppy Disk Overdrive (2020)” and “Personal Computer(2022)” helping the project to gain increased popularity worldwide.

MBR has also produced the video game “VirtuaVerse” as well as its original soundtrack. VirtuaVerse was released in 2020 on all gaming platforms as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

The rapid growth of the project sparked an intense live activity that culminated in 2023 with over 42 shows including 2 full tours in Europe and UK as well as participation in renowned European festivals such as Resurrection Fest (Spain), Euroblast (Germany), Complexity fest (Netherlands), Resistanz Festival (UK), SWR Fest (Portugal), Frantic Fest (Italy)

The band is currently scheduled to perform at major european festival Brutal Assault (Czech Rep.) in summer 2024 and has recently joined major booking agencies Doomstar booking in Europe and Heavy Talent in North America to increase their live activity in the future.

Pogo Mongo


We don’t have a style we just enjoy music and inhibit a human form.

Patir Filius


Soulful Father & Son Chicagoland folklore roots acoustic duo. Debut LP out on Cavetone Records.


Live at Max’s Kansas City is a live album by the Velvet Underground recorded at the famous nightclub and restaurant at 213 Park Avenue South in New York City. It was originally released on May 30, 1972, by Cotillion, a subsidiary label of Atlantic Records.


Ripping Thrash Metal from the D.C. Area.

Amir Tripp


Hailing from the West Side of Chicago, Amir Tripp is a artist/producer. He first discovered a passion for music in high school where he started making beats. He does most of his own production alongside notable Chicago producers like Zay Rock and his god brother Kenny Black. In 2018 he released his debut project entitled “Pyro” which featured the likes of Chicagos very own Saba and King Louie. Amir has already been highly touted by many respected publications including DJ Booth, Jeff Weiss’ Passion of the Weiss, and Chicago’s Lyrical Lemonade as an emerging artist. His recent singles “Master P” and “New Growth” has already garnished the attention of some of the biggest hip hop pioneers.


Anglo-Mancunian musician IAMDDB is the original architect of Urban Jazz – amulti-dimensional musician, actress, and creative polymath inspired by the rhythmic incantations of jazz, the pulsating beats of hip-hop & trap, and the soul-stirring vibrations of R&B.The release of DDB’s debut single ‘Leaned Out’ in 2016 marked a hazy-harmonized introduction to her versatile and ever-growing music repertoire. From collaborations with Masego & Diplo to touring with legends Lauryn Hill, Bryson Tiller & Jhene Aiko, the northern songstress  made herself known for an undeniable stage presence, showcasing her varied sounds and moods from heartbreak hitters to soul-wrenching jazzy chillers.

Getting signed at the age of 21, going viral with the smash-hit  video & single ‘Shade’ in 2017, and performing a legendary Colors show with‘Pause’ (taken from Vibe: Vol2), DDB boasts over 123 million YouTube views, taking her fans through a constantly growing visual journey soundtracked by her soul. Forever rediscovering her essence, Diana De Brito has independently released 5EPs and a string of successful singles, delving into a spectrum of global influences, including reggae, jazz, neo-soul, trap, soulful house, and beyond .Ever-evolving and sound-surfing, IAMDDB hypnotizes you into her universe; whichever sound or mood, DDB is riding the wave.



10ZEN is an American singer-songwriter and a good friend of Odetari. Last Life / Cant Go (2023) Time To Flood* (2024) DOUBLE HOMICIDE* (2024)


Cosmic Psychos


Cosmic Psychos are an Australian punk rock band which formed in 1982 as Spring Plains. Founding members included Ross Knight on bass guitar and vocals; Robbie Addington on guitar and vocals; and Steve Morrow on vocals. Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, described their music as “arty kind of punk noise, somewhere between The Birthday Party and a more narcotic sounding Ramones”.

Joe Kilgallon


Described by the Chicago Tribune as having “a straight shooting, pull-no-punches style”, Joe has performed at clubs and colleges all over America. He’s been a personal opener for stars such as Hannibal Buress, Roy Wood Jr and Steve Byrne. With material ranging from alcohol to sex, Kilgallon is sure to rant about something the whole family can enjoy. Joe has released 3 albums that have all debuted #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts! Joe has appeared in NBC’s Chicago Med and was a segment producer on MTV’s Ridiculousness.

Chelsea Hood


Chelsea Hood is a stand up comedian living in Chicago, IL by way of the comedy scenes in both Dallas, TX and Brooklyn, NY. You may have seen her on WGN, The CW Network’s Eye Opener, or CW33’s Nightcap. She was also featured on Stand Up Records’ “Texas Mess” album recorded at SXSW. If you’d like to see her perform live, her shows are listed on this here website.

She stumbled into the performing arts at an extremely young age singing in children’s choirs, and working in high school productions. She went on to get her BA in Acting from Illinois State University with a concentration in vocal performance. She’s studied improv at both Second City in Chicago and Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas.

Chelsea’s style of humor is observational, feminist, and pleasantly self-deprecating. Some of the comics she has been delighted to open for include; Marc Maron, Jay Mohr, Donnell Rawlings, Maria Bamford, Ralphie May, Richard Lewis, Pauly Shore, JB Smoove, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Green, Michael Winslow, Bobby Lee, and many more.

She was most frequently featured performer at Limestone Comedy Festival, one of eight chose as the Best of the Midwest at Gilda’s LaughFest and a Comic to Watch at RIOT LA. Some of the clubs and venues she’s had the privilege of performing at include The Comedy Store, Caroline’s on Broadway, The House of Blues, The Improv, Zanie’s, Thalia Hall Chicago, Upright Citizen’s Brigade NY, the Lincoln Lodge (Chicago), a long list of prestigious bar basements across this country. Once on the bed of a tractor trailer, in a field in Texas, in the middle of an ATV park.



​Hailing from The United States of America, HEATHENSUN is an up and comingNumetal band with a penchant for writing banging tunes and dynamic narratives. Comprised on 3 immensely talented individuals. Johnny Anthrax Vocals, Drunkndonuts Strings, and Lo-Key Percussion. HEATHENSUN is already climbing the charts with their single BEACH ranked #7 on the Apple iTunes top 100 Metal USA Charts


Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991, by DGC Records. It was Nirvana’s first release on a major label and the first to feature drummer Dave Grohl. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind features a more polished, radio-friendly sound than the band’s prior work. It was recorded at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, and Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, in May and June 1991, and mastered that August at the Mastering Lab in Hollywood, California.


non-binary // just being me 👽 🛸
it’s the take off 🚀


•Dancer/Choreographer | Creative



expressionist | socially off beat (anti)

Cemetery Filth


Atlanta, GA.
Est. 2014

M.K. : Lead Guitars & Vocals
R.G. : Lead Guitars
T.P. : Drums
E.A. : Bass

Drawing Class


We are a 4-piece based in the north side of Chicago Illinois!

If you like fast paced rock and roll music with crispy hooks, then stick around ya big silly!

Rise of Leo


Chicago based self proclaimed non-binary rock princess. Taking influence from pop-punk, grunge, and alternative styles of music that were popular during the 90’s and early 2000’s, Rise of Leo looks to create music where people of all backgrounds can feel united and heard. Dealing with the struggles of acceptance and past struggles of gender identity, Rise of Leo has always sought to express that in their songwriting and music playing to give a positive environment for their listeners, just as their music influences had done for them.

Rise of Leo started in the local Chicago scene with former band The Last We Heard. After such time Rise of Leo left the scene to reinvent themselves in a way that would fit their vision and artistic values. They set out to establish themselves with this new mission during the summer of 2023, starting with their debut single, “Nobody Wants You”, to try and be the most unapologetic and energetic artist they can be.

You will witness the Rise of Leo!

Cursed Bum Rush


Bum Rush is a loud, energetic and irreverent punk trio based around Chicago, Illinois. They sound like all of your favorite bands rolled into one, but with more kick. There’s never a dull moment when Bum Rush steps up to the plate. They play shows often and sometimes release music, which you can check out anywhere you listen to music.



Invoked from the crypts of Washington DC, Goetia have arisen to wreak havoc on all who dare to lay ears upon them. Theirs is a relentless assault of pummeling drums, razor sharp riffs, and otherworldly vocals that spew a never ending barrage of curses from beyond on those unfortunate enough to get caught in their wake.

Ascended Dead


ASCENDED DEAD is a Death Metal band from San Diego, California.
The group was founded in the summer of 2011 by J. REIDER, I. LAWRENCE, AND C. KORYN.

Each of the band’s releases explores a different realm, but maintains the energy band sought to create since it’s inception.
Dark, chaotic, demonic, bestial Death Metal, without limitations.

ASCENDED DEAD is C. KORYN (drums), I. LAWRENCE (guitar), J. REIDER (guitar/vocals), K. SCHREUTELKAMP (bass).



Hardcore Powerviolence from Kenosha, WI

Hell Is Real


Humanity is the Devil.

Sissy Spacek


Sissy Spacek is an American noise band founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, United States, and currently consisting of official members John Wiese and Charlie Mumma, along with several collaborators both past and present. Since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2001, they have released a considerable catalogue encompassing genres which include harsh noise, noisecore, grindcore, free improvisation and musique concrete.




Chicago, IL Have you been Intoned?



Kevin King is a Woodwindist and Composer from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. King honed his skills on the Chicago music scene under the tutelage of Chicago Legends Willie Pickens, Bobby Broom, Orbert Davis, Ari Brown, and Diane Ellis. King is an improviser on all of his instruments including, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone. Kevin King is most known for his Saxophone, Flute, and Oboe playing. King has played all over the country with countless artists including Arturo Sandoval, Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, The Temptations, Marcus Strickland, Marquis Hill, Joel Ross, Arturo Sandoval, Willie Pickens, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Buddy Guy, Reginald Chapman, Adam Neely, Larry Gray, Corey Wilkes, Renee Baker, Steve Gorn, Junius Paul, Bobby Broom, etc. The Kevin King Regime is a culmination of King’s vision of creating a “Heavy Metal Instrumental Band with improvisation” or “Heavy Metal saxophone”. King always uses the description “if Pharoah Sanders was the frontman to Black Sabbath instead of Ozzy Osbourne”. “ The Kevin King Regime is influenced by every sound known and unknown to man creating a sound unlike anything heard before. The original compositions I write are in many ways a symbol of the values I live by. An urgency to improve the world we live in with the art of sound creation, experimentation, and exploration. The music is a reflection of the world itself.”

King’s Debut Album Call To Action will release in the fall of 2024.

Aight Bet


Vox- Alex Uridel
Guitar- Alex
Guitar- Mike Robs
Bass- Donny
Drums- Les

Southside Chicago
Hardcore and Hip Hop elements.

Uncle Sexy, Matthew Paige & Justin Bell

Uncle Sexy, Matthew Paige (DeeOhGee) & Justin Bell (acoustic set)

Cold Word


Guitarist and artist in Chicago. Shred guitar at the service of artistic songwriting






Wratheon is a Black Melodeth Metal Band.

Keya Trammell


A dynamic force and Chicago Music Award Winner for “Best Female Vocalist,” seamlessly integrates her roles as a Professional Singer, Makeup Artist, Actress, and Alopecia Advocate. Since officially launching her career in 2016, she gained widespread recognition when a cover song went viral, amassing 1.3 million views in a week. Keya’s journey includes opening for Grammy Award-Winning artists like Chrisette Michele, contributing background vocals for Lupe Fiasco, and starring in notable theater productions, including “Lady Sings The Blues” and “Reasons: A Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire.”

In the realm of advocacy, Keya is dedicated to spreading Alopecia Awareness, evident in her involvement with NAAF (National Alopecia Areata Foundation) and BaldieCon. Recently featured in Vogue Magazine for her impactful contributions to the hair loss community, Keya’s overarching mission is to instill confidence through her multifaceted artistry and genuine connection with every audience member in the grand stage of her life.

Christian Royce


“I Find Stuff I Want To Complain About And Go From There.”

Christian Royce was born in Ypsilanti, MI on 4/20 in 1992 the son of a factory supervisor and a school paraprofessional. A true child of the suburbs, Christian got his start at comedy at a vegan pizza shop in Ann Arbor, MI and he’s been crushing sets ever since. He moved to Chicago in 2019 where he’s a regular at the Chicago Laugh Factory, Zanies & Comedy Bar. As a comedian, he makes light of a wide range of topics including politics, social trends, and current events. Ultimately his goals are to make you laugh, sometimes cry, and even question your own belief system. At times controversial, but always thought provoking.



“We all leave, or are left behind.”



Slam Death Metal band from Northwest Indiana


Fumbling Towards Ecstasy is the third studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan, released on 22 October 1993 in Canada, 15 February 1994 in the United States, 24 May 1994 in Japan, and 14 August 1994 in Australia. It was produced by Pierre Marchand in Montreal; McLachlan wrote most of the album while living in a small house near Marchand’s studio.

The album was an immediate hit in Canada, where McLachlan was already an established star. It was slower to become her breakthrough album internationally, however; in some countries, most notably the US, it stayed in the middle ranges of the pop charts for almost two years. As of November 2003, the album had sold 2.8 million copies in the US.



Jephté Kweto (professionally known as jev.) is a Congolese-Canadian refugee who considers himself a loner. The loner theme aims to highlight the positive aspects of being someone who paves their own path. Having lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, and Canada, jev lacks a specific home city to pay homage to, thus he gravitates towards a more worldly and individualized sense of home. As a citizen of the world, jev aims to bring people together from all walks of life through his “it’s okay to be different” overarching message and his experimental music, which incorporates various styles and genres (particularly alternative hip-hop, classic hip-hop, and R&B). Inspired by legends like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Andre 3000, Nas, YMCMB, and Jay Z, jev is vying for his own spot upon the Mount Rushmore of the genre.

He released his first EP “The Color Grey.” in December 2022, and his lead single from the project reached #1 on the Spotify US Viral 50 chart less than a month later. This inspired jev to quit his day job, hire major music firms for his management and legal representation, and continue releasing consistently towards another and even stronger body of work. “The Color Grey.” garnered attention from prominent media outlets such as Lyrical Lemonade, Pigeons & Planes (Best New Artists of 2023), and Sheesh Media. He also landed on the cover-photo for two major editorial playlists: Northern Bars and Alternative Hip-Hop between April and June 2023, and appeared on Mellow Bars, Most Necessary, Fresh Finds: Hip Hop, and many more since gaining traction on TikTok and Reels. Jev has amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify alone, as well as 4.5 million aggregate views with 2 million aggregate likes across his TikTok and Instagram reels content. Jev also teamed up with local Toronto Film School students to shoot his music videos free-of-charge, which has led to him growing his YouTube following from the ground up to almost 10k subscribers. The emerging rapper’s plans for the second half of 2023 include a six-song EP, a Pigeons & Planes NYC showcase as his debut show, and his debut album, when angels cry. He is also being featured by Spotify as a Radar Canada artist for the entirety of Q3, landing him a major city-centre billboard in Dundas Square beginning July 14th.

The Kilograms


The Kilograms are a new project formed by Joe Gittleman(The Mighty Mighty Bosstones , Avoid One Thing), Sammy Kay , Michael Mcdermott (formerly of The Bouncing Souls , Joan Jett & the Blackhearts ) and J Duckworth (Newport Secret Six ). After meeting at a festival and keeping in touch, trading song ideas and mixes, Gittleman and Kay decided to collaborate on a new studio project, tracking their first song to benefit a friend who lost their home in the hawaii fires. The ease and excitement of the collaboration brought in Mcdermott to play drums, and Duckworth into the fold on guitar, as well as producing and mixing the first batch of songs.

Their debut self titled EP is 5 tunes dripping in the old and new. With three generations of musicians creating together, the Kilograms are pulling a sound that pays respect to where they all laid their roots, while establishing a tone that is truly their own.



Luge is an art-punk band in Toronto, Canada.