Shubzilla x Bill Beats


Shubzilla and Bill Beats are a rapper/DJ duo based in the Pacific Northwest. They began working together in 2011. After releasing the single “Wonderful World” for “Bill Beats For President Vol.1,” the pair have gone on to release EPs “Late Checkout,” “BOOMERS,” “BOOMERS Vol. 2,” “The Belmont Tapes,” and more. Shubzilla and Bill Beats have performed at Super BitFest, SXSW, San Japan’s Jamspace, MAGfest, Nerdcore Dayz, The Never Give Up Never Surrender Tour, and many others. They have toured with acts such as mc chris, Kadesh Flow, Mark Cooper, and Prowess The Testament.

They are also the hosts of Seattle’s Friday Night Get Down, a monthly community hip-hop show. Occasionally, Shubzilla and Bill Beats stream gaming and music making on Twitch. They have livestreamed sets for shows such as Bonus Stage Vancouver, Virtua Ongaku, and The Four-Eyed Horsemen.

With Shubzilla’s frank and aggressive lyrics and Bill Beats’ penchant for samples and
bass-heavy compositions, they do not disappoint.