Black Road


Black Road is a four-piece sultry stoner/doom band from Chicago, IL. Founding members Tim M. and Suzi Uzi write the riffs and lyrics, with new member Trey Wedgeworth (bass) and newest member Danny Garcia (drums) creating a heavy and harmonious rhythm as the backbone. Formed in the summer of 2015, Black Road has had lineup changes that have pushed the band to become stronger and more focused. Just before acquiring then-new members Robert and Casey in fall of 2016, Black Road signed with DHU Records (Netherlands) for a vinyl and cassette deal. In early 2017, they signed with BloodRock Records (Italy) for the CD release. After almost one full year of gaining their new bassist and drummer, Black Road was finally ready to reveal their self-titled debut Black Road – EP (10/6/2017). One year later, a digital single with a runtime of over ten minutes was released: Witch of the Future. The single album release with two tracks is titled “Blood On The Blade” (4/5/2019), and the 7” vinyl sold out in 20 minutes in the US and overseas at DHU Records. “Witch of the Future”, the debut full-length attempt, was released on Halloween 2019 with the same two killer labels. It features a completely new recording of the song “Witch of the Future”, and a brand new mix for “Blood on the Blade”. A repress on “Witch of the Future” was released in September 2020, with a limited edition translucent red vinyl via DHU Records and The Company. This second pressing (sold out) featured new artwork.