Across Five Aprils’ name borrowed from the late Irene Hunt Novel based around the United States civil war, proves to have a style and showmanship of a not so civil nature. Beginning with the release of “A Tragedy in Progress” in May of 2003 on Indianola Records, Across Five Aprils hit the East Coast by storm to support their freshman full length release. After a few road bumps, member alterations and a lot of records sold of the now 2nd best selling Indianola Records release to date, Across Five Aprils has spent the last year and a half touring country in support of their second release on Indianola, an EP entitled “Living in the Moment”.

On July 11, 2006, Across Five Aprils released their second full-length album, entitled “Collapse”, also from Indianola Records. Picking up mainly where “A Tragedy In Progress” left off more than the “Living In The Moment” EP, Collapse is a hard-hitting album still full of the angst that has defined Across Five Aprils.