Ashbury is Tucson’s #1 selling Rock Band worldwide. Veterans of the AAA club circuit, performing throughout the southwest. In January, 1983, we recorded our signature album “Endless Skies”, which became an American and European cult favorite, and now the original LP is a highly sought after collector’s item–fetching upwards of $300.00 on ebay. “Endless Skies” was just named one of the top 10 epic Metal albums of all time by Hard Rock Magazine, and Arizona album of the year for 1983 & 1984 by KSTM-FM in Phoenix. Ashbury is lead by it’s founding members–Randy and Rob Davis. On the Rockadrome label, they are the labels #1 seller in both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal categories, outselling legendary bands such as Winterhawk, Slauter Xtroyes, Manilla Road, Legend and Anvil Chorus (just to name a few). In a 2010 Rockadrome poll, Randy won “Favorite Guitarist” by a 2 to 1 margin over Billy Lee Janey, Jordan Macarus and all other of the label’s superb guitarists. Their latest album, “Something Funny Going On” was released in 2004, with a new edition re-released in 2010. .