Established in 2009 bailout is pop-punk band at the core, yet also blends the stylings of reggae, hardcore, and ska into their music. Bailout has been compared to artists such as Alkaline Trio, Lagwagon, Descendents, Bayside, and The Suicide Machines to name a few… Their fun, lighthearted, and sometimes offensive live show has been a staple over the years yet the recent digital release of “Rad Dude’s, Bad Tudes!” brings a deeper, unique and energetic group of songs. The writing process fueled by coffee, cigarettes and beer adopted by Trestain[25] and Semegen[24] Bailout focused on the intertwining of sub genres of punk rock while still sticking to their 90’s pop-punk roots. Accompanied by lyrics of self-destruction, heartbreak, and defiance of the corporate structure, many agree bailout has matured compared to previous releases. Featuring youthful vocals, fast tempos and a fun live show, bailout has established they don’t have plans of slowing down for the future.