Hiperactivity has always been inside Cabana Cafe. The first EP, Jangada Eletrica (2010), came along with the arrival in Sao Paulo, when all members moved in to Cabana, the house, where everything happens. After that, there were two singles, three videoclips and an endless number of videos made with care and small doses of insanity, that lead the group to run as “newcomer” on Brazilian MTV’s 2011 award.
Now, in 2012, Cabana Café moves towards a new mark. The band prepares its first album, and until it’s released, the concerts and videos are going to be tidbits to prepare Cafe lovers taste. Raise your mugs, the water is already boiling!
Cabana Café is:
Rita Oliva (vocal, piano, synth), Ze Lanfranchi (electric guitar), Gustavo Athayde (vocal, bass), Taian Cavalca (piano, synth), Mário Gascó (drums).