Chicago Soul Underground is a new house production group from the city where house began. After networking in a popular Chicago studio Dj Pap and Matthew Kerr meet and began creating music together. In an industry of dance music where producers have no knowledge in formal songwriting, theory, and competent musicianship CSU prides itself on these ideals and necessities for good music. This duo is the perfect musical relationship where Dj Pap is more of the studio sensei with a vast knowledge in all regards to the studio. A few of his amazing attributes to this project is that he is excellent at creating sonic landscapes through synthesizers, programming drums and midi data, a knowledge and history of recording instruments, and his skills with editing and mastering are above average. On the other hand Matthew is the maestro in the group. With formal training in music Matthew records, plays, and creates all of the melodic parts and ideas to these songs. Matthew’s songwriting and performing are always growing and expanding due to his busy schedule as a live performer and music educator. Dj Pap’s partake in the worldwide house community is also very impressive and give CSU a somewhat seniority with labels all across the globe Dj Pap is well known and well respected Dj and producer with the top names in the dance music Industry. The music that CSU creates is saturated with funk, old school house, Motown, blues, and soul. CSU’s music sounds like music that you heard when times were easier, when life was a little slower and people loved more. The music that CSU creates also transcends the average house track being that these two top producers are actually writing songs that can work in any style, yet CSU has an additiction to house music that makes you want to dance and live life to its fullest.