Psychic record label since 2003. Tubular in shape. Reminiscent of bloodbeak sausage but without the aftertaste of turpentine and cider. Recommended for raising punk vibrations.

The label was started in 2003 by Darius Hurley and Jon Babbin. The following bands have all appeared in our catalog M.O.T.O., The Effigies, Vee Dee, Functional Blackouts, Young Governor, Kim Phuc, The Young, Canadian Rifle, Pedestrians, Out With a Bang, Hotlips messiah, New Black, Phenoms, Mushuganas, Terrible Two’s, Manhandlers, Holy Shit!, Bear Proof Suit, Useless Children, The Young, Mannequin Men, The Runs, Army of Jesus, Shoot it Up, Pink Reason, The Yolks, Claw Toe, The Krunchies, Tyrades, Baseball Furies, The Ponys, Twat Vibe, Kill the Hippies, FNU Ronnies, The Gravetones, Curtains, Sick Jump, Flying Trichecos, Rotten Fruits, Catburglars, Phantom three, Hot Machines, Busy Kids, The Dirges, White Outs, White Load, and I Attack.