In the 40’s, Ed Kregor was courting his later to be wife, Nellie, of 65 years in the Quad Cities. They didn’t have a lot of money, so Ed would take Nellie out to the bars in the Quad cities where he would literally sing for their food and drinks (there were lots of drinks). His frequent performances made him a local celebrity, earning him the nickname of Davenport Ed. Being the grandfather of 3 members of the band, it only seemed appropriate to name a rock band after this great man.

The spirit of the 90’s rock scene is alive and well in Davenport Ed. The lead singer/songwriter, Johnny Perona, is a product of 90’s adolescence. Growing up, he was heavily inspired by the likes of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc. This musical upbringing is very present in DavEd’s tunes. With a voice that falls somewhere within a vocal lovechild of Ben Ottewall (Gomez), Chris Cornell, Chris Robinson and Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Johnny commands the listener’s attention.

The band is a 6 piece outfit that features 2 rhythm guitars, a lead guitarist, a bassist, a pedal steel, and a drummer. Alongside Johnny on rhythm is the producer/engineer/mixer of the DavEd records, James Scott. James has played with numerous other bands in his career (Matthew, Paulina, and The Visitor to name a few). For DavEd, he brings haunting, George Harrisonesque guitar melodies to each song. On lead guitar is Jim Perona. Classically trained, but brought up as a shredder, it provides a unique spin on the modern rock guitarist. It’s not to be missed when he unhinges and lets it fly on a solo. Tom Perona lays down entrancing bass lines that are as melodic as they are in the pocket. He also provides a counter to Johnny’s aggressive vocal style by creating and producing the majority of the harmonies for the band. Mike Racky adds to the cacophony of sound by creating, and somehow making fit, pedal steel parts to these rock tunes. During aggressive live jams, he’s been known to leave his seat, while making full use of his effects. It’s a steel sound you never thought you’d hear, pretty much. Holding it down on the drums is Tim Rimbos. To round out the sound, he plays as aggressive as he needs to, creating an extraordinary sense of energy that translates into one hell of a live performance.

Come catch Davenport Ed, the band with the weird name that will rocking your f’ing socks off if given the opportunity.