DEAD STEEL MILL, originally formed in 1986,consisted of original members DOGWOOD SANDALSEN,AND CORNELIO RAMIREZ.sludge played as a temp drummer in ’86,and that is why i’ve created this page(because they did’nt have one).the songs that you’ll hear are from “JUST GOT LAID OFF”,released in 1996,with STEVE SALKA,on bass,and ROMAN on drums.and their 2nd release,”SWEATSHOP”,with roman’s younger brother,ROB,playing drums,and CHRIS on bass.their lyrics are about real-life situations,working a shitty job,getting laid off of a shitty job,health problems,corruption in society,etc.etc.-the pretty much run the whole gamut in the genre “punk rock”we are a band who speaks a voice for the working class!!!!!!! we just reformed with JIM SLUDGE on drums we’ve just recently added STEVE FINK of PONZI SCHEME and CHUM,on bass,and we just recorded a new song “CHICKEN ASSASIN” with scott nozicka,at columbia college’s recording facility,and we are on a mission to pulverize the minds of the chicago punk underground,and beyond!!!!!!!you will hear our wrath and shit yer’ pants!!!!!!,SORRY TO SAY,ON JULY 26TH,AFTER A KILLER SHOW AT PORTER’S TAP,OUR GUITARIST GOT ALL SALTY,AND QUIT THE BAND!!!!!!!!,SO MUCH FOR FIVE MONTHS OF HARD WORK!!!!!!!!.