Forming back in 2017, EGxBH, more formally known as Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits, have taken charge of their own unique dark, rolling melodies and blood pumping rock sound to new levels of evolution, blossoming into a raw and wonderfully unpolished sound skin to that of All Them Witches, Highly Suspect, Local H, Clutch. Queens of the Stone Age, and the legendary Fugazi  . A talented four piece of Patrick Goray (Guitar/Vox), Mike Arturi (Percussion), Brad Haptas (Bass), and Shaun Meek (Lead Guitar), the band took to the local Chicago scene like a house on fire, pushing their sound to the limit with an illustrative, mesmerizing, captivating example of hard-hitting, rock-n-roll unstoppable force that the world so desperately needs today.