Garrobos is a Mexican Hardcore Punk / Metal band. In 1996 they recorded their first album entitled “Garrobos” which featured the single “Walls” that aired internationally on MTV’s “Headbanger’s Ball”. They signed a contract with the record label BMG in 1997 and entered the studio to record their second album “Shake the skull” the track of the same name placed them inside the top 10 rock bands in Spanish and were nominated by MTV as the best latino metal video latino.

In 2000 they participated in the tribute album for LUZBEL with the song. “Green Warrior” and released their third album “One more second,” this time the label was P & P-Sony Music. The single “Blood” put the band at number 12 of the 40 groups in Spanish rock. In 2002 they went on their third North American tour as headliner’s of the “Aztlan Fest” with over 17 dates throughout the United States and northern Mexico. In 2003 the fourth album “Skull Riders” was released

This disc offers elaborate passages that beautifully combine fast and powerful metallic hardcore that has always characterized Garrobos.