Formed in 1997, then disbanded in 1999 onstage at Chicago’s own Punk mecca FiresideBowl, Headless Honchos are legends that simply refuse to bite the dust! Reunited in 2015, the group released their 1st album Over The Top. The album takes its name from the cult classic Stallone film, and features the band’s signature mix of wild and crazy Punk Rock.

Now in the Fall of 2023, the group is releasing their 2nd full length- Legends Never Die. The album is a wicked blend of Punk N Roll, Hardcore, Thrash, and Pop Punk- covering a lot of ground and featuring alternating lead vocals by founding members Daniel Lewis (bass) and Steve Elfinger (guitar). New addition Joe Marino rounds out the trio on drums.

The group has shared the stage with such bands as The Rezillos, The Queers, The Dickies, The Vibrators, Cancerslug and others, performing shows and wreaking havoc around the Midwest.

Headless Honchos bring the thunder onstage, delivering short blasts of sing along greatness and memorable Punk anthems! Come hoist your tall boy and rock out with the Honchos!