HOUR OF 13 have built up a formidable reputation in underground circles for their potent brand of occult-inspired doom-laden metal. The band recently performed their debut show at the ‘Dublin Doom Day’ Festival in Ireland, to rapturous response…
The line-up is:..

Phil Swanson – vocals..

Chad Davis – lead guitar..

Brandon Munday – rhythm guitar..

John Mode – bass guitar..

Dave Easter – percussion..

This line-up harnesses perfectly the dark and eerie atmosphere HOUR OF 13 are known for in a live setting, unsettling in sound and feeling… This line-up will also be creating a concept EP of the trilogy of the songs “Missing Girl”, “Possession” and “The Crawlspace”. These songs will showcase the haunting power of the HOUR OF 13 live band…

HOUR OF 13 is the conceptual creation of C. Davis with Phil Swanson. The focus is on abundant musical / lyrical heaviness and delves into themes of the macabre, darkness, satanic panic, cold atmospheres, complete bleakness / blackness. HOUR OF 13 plays True Original Occult Doom EXCLUSIVELY!