Ine'a J


Ine’a J, also known as The Pen Fairy, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Chicago’s very own rising gem has been shining in the music scene with her sultry voice, illustrious pen game, and radiating music.

Debuting her first single “4EVA” in December of 2021, Ine’a is well on her way as her projects have already received press from Lyrical Lemonade, The Ghetto Flower, Vocalo, Real Ones, and more. “Planet J” her preeminent 6 track EP, released in 2022, created such a captivating era for the artist and her fans performing around Chicago and leading into heavily anticipated future releases.

Not only is she musically talented, but Ine’a is well rounded as an educated scholar holding an MBA and BSBA from Loyola University Chicago and the University of Missouri at Columbia. Ine’a J is also a businesswoman with her brand “The Repertoire” on encapsulating all of her creative talents including fashion, music, modeling, as well as e-commerce retailing. The Repertoire has received press from Vox Magazine, Who We Are Now Project 2020, and The Christian Science Monitor. Her brand promotes “Embrace the uncomfortable & Walk with purpose” as something we should all be reminded by.

Follow her along her music journey directly on instagram @ineajofficial to enjoy a little fairy dust everywhere she goes.

…with love, Ine’a J