“Josh Runnels, creatively known as J.ARTiz, is a Chicago native who is a vocalist, writer, band leader, community organizer plus more. 
 Self expression through harmonic vocals, rap and spoken word poetry are the main mediums in which he learned to tell his own story. Residing in Chicago, J. has a heart for curating youth art & edu related programs while also recording, performing live music along with other art collaborations. 
 J. performs multi-facedly from one man, up to 12 people on festival stages blending genres while using versatility in rhyme, poetry and soul vocalism 
 Former male vocalist of “FutureSoul” band , “Loose Loose”, and founder of “MO’ Soul Collective”, J seeks to continue inspiring a larger movement of cultural art, black liberation, higher consciousness and Afrofuturistic inspiration amongst the population of youth/ young adult communities and beyond.”