Kehsin's Jazz Pop Quartet


Kiki is currently a singer-songwriter and a producer based in Chicago specializing in a wide range of contemporary styles such as Jazz, R&B, Pop and Funk,with some of her influences being Wayne Shorter and James Brown. Winning a singing competition at the age of 10 is what drove Kiki to pursue music as a profession. A recent graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies, she credits her expansion of her musical journey to industry professionals such as Cheryl Wilson, amongst others. Thanks to her vigorous training and numerous stage experiences both with lead and background vocals, she landed a brief role as a background vocalist in the TV show Empire in early 2020.

“Learning how to sing is also about learning how to share your emotions and your stories to your audiences.” she says. With her sheer dedication, passion, faith and love for music, along with her upbeat and fun-loving personality, Kiki is translating that into her music journey.