Kellye Howard


Hey you, Kellye here…a bit about me, I’m primarily known for my stand-up comedy and acting. I’ve been featured on Comedy Central, TBS, NBC, FOX, WGN, and more. Check out my reel here. ​ Some fun things I’m doing or have done: ​​ NEW MOVIE ALERT “Cherry” Starring Tom Holland is OUT NOW! Costar on Final Season of Empire. Taraji handed me my ass…or should I say Cookie Costar on Season (8) of Chicago Fire I play a hostage negotiator, with a gun and everything! Correspondent for the Comedy Central Podcast ‘South Side’ I host a bi-weekly show ‘Be less Petty’ Comedy Self-Help podcast LIVE on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. The Chicago Sun-times named me “Chicago’s BOLDEST comedian”…I’d agree!

FUN FACT: I was an electrician in the U.S. Air Force (Unexpected…right?) AND…Living out my parents dream; I am the self-proclaimed love child of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac, and Lucille Ball. If you can picture that. ​ My primary goal is to motivate and inspire through performance and communications of any form. So whether you’ve seen me live as a stand-up comedian, or at a storytelling show, caught my latest podcast, or read something I’ve written online, the themes are all the same; real-life experiences expressed in a sometimes comedic fashion. ​ In a nutshell, I love to share my life as a mother, a woman, a daughter, a wife, a comedian, a writer and all the in-betweens. ​ Wanna know more weird intimate thoughts? Check out my Blog! Be less Petty (where I’m usually very petty)! ​ Stay safe, stay sane. Enjoy 2021 cause it’s not 2020! ​ ​ xoxo – Kellye