Malt Liquor plays unstylish trash rock without regard to trends or excessive persperation. Founded in 2012, the group pounds out primitive, fuzzed-out anthems featuring the bashing and crashing of Jake Pope (ex-Swampass), the thudding bearded-ness of Cliff Strangler (Soy City Stranglers) and the speaker-wrecking chords/tongue out of cheek lyrics of Tommy Rue (ex- Swampass, Spankwagon). The hip shimmy/shake garage punk emenating from the band bucks against pretention and over-analysis. For Malt Liquor, music drives feet and hips. Rock and roll does not judge or analyze the group and they graciously return this favor. This mutual respect results in frenetic live shows around the greater Midwest and a sonority that challenges the limits of magnetic tape. Their debut 7 inch record will be available in August 2013 on Cavetone Records.

Jake Pope slips into a musical coma and weaves tribal beats and sweaty, tasteful fills into the mix on his drums that will make ya stand up, shake your ass and say “Whoooo!”

All this time, these three were playing in different projects and going to see and lose their minds to each others bands. Finally, one day it clicked and they jammed together. Nothing ever made more sense. Malt Liquor was born and it was home.

The boys just laid down 3 tracks on tape for upcoming 7″ releases on Cavetone Records and are planning to be back in the studio before year end to record their first full-length LP. Catch ’em on the road this summer in the Midwest and rock the fuck out!