Mutilation Barbecue


From the fertile death beds of Ohio rises Mutilation Barbecue. Spawned in 2019 from the ashes of death-thrash rippers Subtype Zero (who also gave birth to 200 Stab Wounds), the band featured Nick Mcgroder and Peter Blanchet on guitar, Dylan Andras on bass, Chris Frederick on vocals and Harrison Good on drums. Upon the release of their self-titled EP (2021) the band stormed onto the local Ohio scene with devestating riffs, horrific lyrics and an explosive live show. Their unique style of catchy, groovy death metal landed them under the Maggot Stomp umbrella. 2022 saw the release of their “Abortion Ambulance” single followed by extensive local shows opening for everyone from Frozen Soul to Sanguisugabogg to tours with Gates to Hell and Hanging Fortress and an appearance at Full Terror Assault Open Air Festival. With a year of shows under their belt, Mutilation Barbecue entered the studio in the summer of 2023 to work on their debut LP, “Amalgamations of Gore.” Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dear Air Studios with cover art by Colter Masson the album is set to release on March 29th via Maggot Stomp.