Natasha Samreny


Natasha Samreny is a multicultural military brat who traded in Mormon seminary for solo book clubs at the bar.

Raised by recovering Catholics from different sides of the world, she aligns with anyone who treats garlic as a primary food group.

Samreny got her storytelling start in radio and her sweet codependent nature from too much church in her formative years.

The sexiest thing about Samreny is her cat. She trained at The Second City theatre in Chicago and has performed improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy internationally, including Edinburgh and Camden’s fringe festivals.

Stateside, she’s been seen at The Improv, Zanies, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, NYC Sketchfest, and all of your favorite storytelling festivals — if you had favorite storytelling festivals.

In short, if you’re wondering where she’s from, please keep guessing. It’s Natasha’s favorite game.