Emerging from the violent streets of Chicago in 2018, Oveja Negra stands as the original PunkSteady band, boldly inventing a new genre by blending Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the raw intensity of punk.

Fronted by Singer/Emcee SKBROK, the band’s music is a sonic rebellion, resonating with themes of unity and self-discovery. Oveja Negra’s sound is a reflection of their urban roots, a fusion that ignites a musical revolution.

With influences ranging from Rage Against the Machine to Bob Marley, their dynamic compositions invite listeners on a journey of cultural exploration and sonic revolution.

Experience the electric energy of Oveja Negra and discover the pioneering sound of Chicago’s original PunkSteady band.


Singer Emcee – Shannon “SKBROK” Blunt
Drums – Owen Garcia
Bass – Shane Shultz
Guitar – Eduardo “Gansito” Rodriguez
Keys – John “SEFARE” Guerrero
Trombone – Jacob “Rook” Huffstetler
Trumpet – Eleanore Bacani