Orchestral indie rockers Paper Thick Walls began on a green carpet with an acoustic guitar, piano, and a few stories crafted into melodies. The songwriting talents of Eric Michaels and Kate Schell create a truly genre defying sound that “is a sweet miss-mash of influences from Wilco to Sufjan Stevens,” with “a bit of Cursive’s dramatics and a dash of the boldness found in bands such as Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire.” (Loud Loop Press). The past two years have combined the talents of band members Jacques Rene, Roger Sherman, and Andrew Sabo to add lush orchestral instrumentation behind the profound lyrical imagery.

Following the successful press reception of Paper Thick Walls freshman album, “A Thousand Novels”, the band spent the year touring over 50 cities in the US and Canada to move more than a thousand records with their own hands, playing with touring bands such as The Lumineers, Company of Thieves, Drive by Truckers, Joe Pug, and Smoking Popes.

With such an infectious live show, it’s not hard to see why Paper Thick Walls have been named one of the top five emerging artists from Chicago by The Deli Chicago and Chicago Magazine. The band’s 2011 debut record “A Thousand Novels” claimed numerous “Best of 2011” lists and over 150 positive reviews. The band played key music festivals including NXNE, CMJ, Mid-Point Music Festival, and Summer Fest.

This year, the band is set to release a new EP that will showcase five new songs that further utilize the many instruments in the five piece group to further explore what TimeOut Chicago calls their, “anthemic folk rock”sound.

In addition to the rigorous touring schedule of 2012, lead members Eric Michaels and Kate Schell performed the principal roles in a full-length feature film premiering in 2013 entitled,WE GREW UP HERE The film, directed by Kevin Pickman and produced by 15 in the Dark Collab, will also feature a soundtrack composed and performed by Eric
and Kate.