Persefone, hailing from the enchanting principality of Andorra, is a visionary base metal band that has carved its own niche in the global music scene. Formed in the year 2001, their unique fusion of progressive and melodic elements has earned them a very dedicated following. With powerful, intricate compositions and virtuosic musicianship, Persefone’s discography, including fan-favorites “Spiritual Migration” and “Aathma” but also the latest release “metanoia”, has received critical acclaim. Their lyrics often explore profound and spiritual themes, making their music a journey of self-discovery. Known for their mesmerizing live performances, Persefone has graced stages worldwide, leaving audiences spellbound. Their innovative approach to metal and commitment to pushing boundaries makes them a trailblazing force in the genre. Persefone’s unwavering dedication to their craft continues to inspire and captivate metal enthusiasts around the globe, solidifying their status as the prominent Andorran musical export.