With harmonious vocals, lively guitars, warm horns, and a tight rhythm section, Ruben’s music harkens back to the soul of a variety of vintage rock n’ roll influences. Their energetic live shows have the bandmates shuffling from instrument to instrument to play any part necessary. On record, or in person, Ruben’s music is the product of pure enjoyment in the act of creating music for anyone who cares to listen.

“It was just a short walk over to the Masonic Temple, where Stillwater, Minnesota’s Ruben were taking the stage. Their Americana-tinged brand of rock ‘n’ roll went over well with the small crowd (which the large room made look even smaller). While the band seemed to be a bit annoyed that there wasn’t a larger turnout, and that a good portion of the people that were there were sitting on the floor, they still delivered a spirited set of songs that had contained echoes of the Band’s well-worn appeal (the band, in fact, dedicated their set to Levon Helm and the singer’s newborn daughter).

“Slow Bleed,” the title-track to Ruben’s new record, Slow Bleed/Let Me Start, was a raucous, bluesy stomp, like a cross between Led Zeppelin’s slower songs and the modern moodiness of the Black Angels. They brought out two saxophone players to augment their sound, as well as a female guest vocalist, Katy Larson, who filled out the simmering rocker, “Things Have Changed.” It would be nice to see Ruben in a smaller club, where their music would take on a bit more urgency and impact, but this was a bold, positive display from the talented young band who still seem to be getting their stage legs under them.”

– Gimme Noise (City Pages Blog)