Shy, Low


Over the last decade, Shy, Low’s progression and continuous effort to push the boundaries of ambient and heavy music has manifested itself into explosive live performances, highly regarded releases on Spartan Records and an immense appreciation for artistry. 2019 brought the band spots at Dunk! Fest and Post In Paris Fest, where they shared the stage with bands including Alcest, Bossk, Ufommaut & Wang Wen following a month-long, self-booked and self-financed European tour. Over the years, the band has consistently conveyed a fresh and reimagined love for lush soundscapes, heart-wrenching melodies, and gritty, fuzz-based head-banging goodness across their catalogue on Pelagic Records, Spartan Records, and Fluttery Records: “Snake Behind The Sun” (2021), “Burning Day” (2017), “Hiraeth” (2015), “Binary Opposition” (2013)” and “Self-Titled” (2011).