Loud, destructive, seductive. Silver Loves Mercury, rock and roll with a gothic vibe, is a perfect mix of Angel and Devil. The band was founded by Kitty V.(guitars,drums, bass) and Roxi V. (vocals) as a studio project.

After overwhelming fan response to their first live performance,Silver Loves Mercury decided to cater to their growing fan base and take their spectacle on the road. In four short months Silver Loves Mercury grew their fanbase to over 20,000 on Myspace alone after playing regionally in half a dozen major markets. Their debut record, Treasures of Gomorrah (2010), was produced by grammy nominee JT Longoria and has garnered the attention and support of the likes of King Diamond, Izzy Straddlin, and Glen Danzig. After being in the top 80 on Jango Music for nine straight weeks after its inception and gaining extensive regional and international press with Lit (U.S.), Black Velvet (U.K.) and several others, the band, in less than a year, is already in the mix stage of their follow-up E.P. and in preproduction for their new full-length L.P.
“In a short time Silver Loves Mercury has proven themselves one of the most musically adept acts in Dallas…” – Lit monthly April 2010 FEATURE Full color half page

“‘Treasures Of Gomorrah’ is definitely a little treasure” “Silver Loves Mercury is a perfect mixture of angel and devil.” “…a tumultuous rebel with a rabid tone that you will want to turn up so loud the folk in the next road will get headaches.”
– SBV, Black Velvet 5/10

“Well-crafted lyrics only add to the violent dreamscape.” “powerful, commanding and natural.” “The music is not only good, but it eclipses the eye-candy aspect and forces the audience to take new notice.” “..Silver Loves Mercury delivers the full spectrum of the Periodic Table.”
– Mark Beneventi, Lit Monthly

“SLM is a focused, polished killing machine. With an arsenal songs mixed with a potion of vocal and visual euphoria” “What a complete package this band is. Nothing is out of place. Everyone in the room was touched by the sound and power of SLM.” “..everyone that hears the material is stunned by the shear power of this music.”
-Gary Long, Mastering Engineer – Izzy Stradlin, King Diamond