Slaves to the Pavement is a 4/5/6 piece band based out of Ypsilanti, MI. that started in the late months of 2008. Drawing their influences from multiple genres of music, they create a fusion of melodic punk, prog rock, reggae, ska and thrash, while, lyrically, touching base on political issues, the every day life, and the want for something more. Though undergoing multiple line up changes and other minor set backs, these guys are determined to see the world through their music. They’ve often been compared to the likes of Propagandhi and Pennywise, as well as other 90s era Epitaph and Fat Wreck bands. They’ve done a great job of increasing their fan base within Southeast Michigan and have Midwest and continental US tour plans set up for the fall/winter and spring/summer 2013. Slaves to the Pavement is currently releasing their debut full-length effort “In a Perfect World” on October 12th and will be entering the studio late-September to record 5 more tracks for a followup EP and possible split.