Bo Ryung Whang: Bo is an accomplished artist from Brooklyn, NY, and a veteran singer/songwriter. Bo’s first solo studio album “Cat with three Ears” (1998) and the second solo studio album “The Sun Sign” (2001) are iconic emblems of the South Korea’s first wave of indie music. After a seven-year hiatus, Bo returned to Korea and formed the band SmackSoft. The group released “SmackSoft 2.5″ (2008), awarded the 2008 Album of the Year in Korea. Guided by the personal of vision of its band leader, the following year SmackSoft released their third studio album “Shines in the Dark”(2009) nominated the best album of the year. In 2010, the release of their fourth studio album “Mana Wind” further explored the “creation of layered canvases of sound” and “moved beyond technical experimentation to focus on the spiritual depth” of SmackSoft’s original music. “Mana Wind” has won high praise from the critics in Korea and abroad. SmackSoft is based in Seoul, South Korea, and the group will be touring the UK and United States this 2012/2013.