Tennis Court Oath


Tennis Court Oath is:

A jaunty ride on a just-tamed stallion A glass of bubbly under a lunar eclipse A cabaret with a cup of strong tea

This trio of seasoned musicians explore searing pop songs with French sensibilities, weaving together fervent rock, smokey cabaret, and quasi-folk styles to bring you a refreshing repast of fun entertainment.

The band was created initially by longtime musical partners Babette Novak and Mike Collins, as Femme de Champagne. The Femmes released a full-length CD and two singles but needed an excellent bass player to round out the sound permanently. Charlie Short was added to the mix and the band was reborn as Tennis Court Oath.

Mike Collins – drums, hand percussion, backing vocals Charlie Short – bass, backing vocals
Babette Novak – guitar, keyboards, vocals, hand percussion

Members also play in/have played in: Third Sunday, The Hurtin’ Kind, Babette’s Feast, Tiberius Strange, Daddy Burger Swag, Femme de Champagne, Phil Angotti and friends, Psycho Ex-Lover, The City Thrills, many others.

An EP was released in 2023. A full-length album is expected in Autumn of 2024.