Up-and-coming alt-rock duo the Atlantic are no strangers to the scene. Vocalist Jessica Ess just lent her powerhouse pipes to Sleeping With Sirens’ new acoustic EP, joining frontman Kellin Quinn on the track “Don’t You Ever Forget About Me,” while guitarist David Newton previously played in pop-rock band the Best Week Ever and Screamo outfit, Thats Outrageous. The pair have now joined forces and are poised to shake up the standards of rock and post-hardcore with their new single, “Take Care.”

“I’m really excited to show the world what we have to offer,” Ess shared with us. “This is one of my favorite songs we recorded with Erik [Ron; Panic! at the Disco, VersaEmerge, Saosin] and I’m so proud of how we’ve grown.” If ever there was a single to introduce them to the masses, it’s this one. Between Ess’ fiery vocals carrying impassioned melody lines to soaring proportions, and Newton’s tight guitar-work adding a layer of aggression, it’s the kind of single that packs in depth and darkness, emotion and a touch of vulnerability.