The Delta Bombers


With their soul riveting live performances and time wrenching sound, The Delta Bombers make music that is style bent as the town they come from. The band met in Las Vegas as teenagers and embarked from 2008 playing everywhere from ritzy Las Vegas Strip casinos to rural cantinas in Mexico and the loneliest dives the USA has to offer. For years the band toiled in their trusty series of vans and short school buses until the anticipated recording and release of their newest album “Neon Sounds”. The 11 drum and bass heavy songs are free of genre convention but heavy in melody and song writing sensibility, transporting their audiences to a world that values content and creativity over trend.Produced and mixed by Grammy award-winner Mark Neill (Black Keys, J.D. McPherson, Charley Crockett), Neon Sounds captures a powerful soul and grit for a band that has long stood atop categorization. “We want our album to sound like the music that we love-which is a little bit of everything,” says guitarist Andrew Himmler,who spent three weeks at Soil of the South studios in Valdosta, Georgia along with band mates Chris Moinichen (Vocals & Acoustic), Gregorio Garcia (Bass) and P.J. Franco (Drums/Perc, Keys). “We listen to Cypress Hill and Johnny Cash. The Beatles, Sam Cooke, and Hank Williams; why not try to incorporate all of that into our sound and make people dance”, Himmler adds. “Neon Sounds” does exactly that with a new big sound in a big spaces.