The Joy of Painting is a garage-pop quintet from Nashville, Tennessee. Like the television show to which the band owes its namesake, their sound has been described as “accidentally grandiose and bursting with color and energy.”

Their debut EP, Asterisk, was recorded live to tape using vintage instruments and microphones. The result was a brisk 23 minutes of infectious melodic hooks, gritty guit

ars, vibrant vocal harmonies and heavy grooves reminiscent of something Elvis Costello and The Clash might have come up with after watching old Saturday morning cartoons. Weezer-esque confessional songwriting bleeds through all seven tracks, ranging from the fervent post-punk energy of “Old Love” and “No Bones” to more delicate numbers like “The Bird” and “From the News”.

The Joy of Painting is currently writing, recording, performing, eating too much pizza, making dumb jokes and having entirely too much fun.