The Skull


THE SKULL formed in 2012 by ex-TROUBLE members Eric Wagner (vocals), Ron Holzner (bass) and Jeff Olson (drums) along with guitarist Lothar Keller (SACRED DAWN) to “continue the sounds and spirit of TROUBLE – past, present, future.” The band released their critically acclaimed debut For Those Which Are Asleep” in 2014 via Tee Pee Records, and four years later, their sophomore release The Endless Road Turns Black” followed, also through Tee Pee Records. THE SKULL toured countless times around the world and changed a few members over the years.

Eric Wagner passed away on August 22nd, 2021 from Covid pneumonia contracted while on tour with THE SKULL in early August 2021. THE SKULL, with the help of a few all-star friends, proceeded to play a few memorial shows which prompted Holzner and Keller to carry on with this group of talented musicians. The band now features Karl Agell (C.O.C., BLIND) on vocals, Henry Vasquez (SAINT VITUS, SPIRIT CARAVAN, LUCIFER) on drums and Scott Little (LEADFOOT, BLIND) on guitar.

THE SKULL are currently in preproduction on their third record performing under the LEGIONS OF DOOM moniker, with Scott Reagers (SAINT VITUS) as second vocalist.