THEANDRIC is an epic and powerful hard rock/heavy metal band from Detroit, Michigan.  We love all kinds of heavy music across the spectrum, from traditional to progressive to extreme.  Some of the bands we have been compared to include Iron Maiden, Dio, and Fates Warning.

We have shared the stage with national acts such as Anvil, Raven and Immortal Guardian, but we also value immensely  being part of the local scene which includes such killer bands as Finality, Imminent Sonic Destruction, Among These Ashes, Forge the Sun, Blood Rune Sigil, Snakes at the Gatehouse, Lady Luna and the Devil and more!  You can always count on us to play a high energy, tight and entertaining show!

Whether they be acoustic or electric shows, acoustic rock or heavy metal, family-friendly or edgy , we are prepared to leave everything on the stage to make the event unforgettable!