Kyle Francis Leuck, the music artist known as Yoko Homo, spent his time as a child performing for an invisible crowd. He was a product of a young single mother who worked full time and a large family who took turns to help raise him. When his mother was at home, Kyle was introduced not only to the ’80s new wave music videos she did aerobics to, but also the ’70s glam rock of her vinyl record collection. As he grew, he took to a variety of instruments & began to perform in musicals, plays, choir and marching band.

At the tender age of 17, Kyle experienced his first love and heartbreak with the person who also sparked his interest in esoteric knowledge, a boy from a neighboring town who did tarot readings for him on trailer park gravel. By the age of 18, Kyle was given the name Yoko Homo, by a now-defunct band that cited his love affair with their drummer as the cause of the band’s demise.

Soon after, Kyle and the drummer left the forests of small town farm life to the concrete and high rises of the Windy City. Kyle became immersed in the creative nightlife and made a name for himself as a Chicago micro-celebrity hosting club nights and performing in art spaces, while his lover preferred to spend time out of the spotlight and in the studio. This personality divide ended their romance but began their musical collaboration.

The duo met weekly in a dimly-lit basement full of dusty synthesizers and other vintage instruments, rarely inviting others in on their ritualistic process, and eventually manifested an album’s worth of hauntingly nostalgic yet futuristic pop music.

Kyle then went on solo to perform the material around the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn. The live show expanded over time to include a dance troupe, which he formed with the help of choreographer Heather Lynn.

Kyle recently returned from a trip to Europe where he performed and gained inspiration for a new album, featuring collaborations with long-time vocal contributor Sara Fagala & more to comeā€¦