10-31-13 Staff Pick “Classic Album Night”

The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever AND Michael Jackson’s Thriller all on the same Classic Albums night? Are you kidding me? I’m in heaven. You could easily say each of these albums defined the pop music of their decade. Saturday Night Fever brought ‘disco fever’ to the masses in the late 70’s and catapulted John Travolta from Mr. Kotter’s classroom onto the big screen to stay. The music will forever be what you think of first when you think of disco, and to this day, if a SNF soundtrack song is played, or a Bee Gees song, or ANY disco song…you inevitably see some John Travolta moves on the dance floor. I’m looking forward to seeing some at this show! Thriller… there isn’t anything I can say that can adequately explain the impact this album had on music, pop culture, MTV, modern dance, fashion, video production, Billboard charts, etc. I happen to have been at the exact perfect age to embrace a pop idol when this album came out- 13. Looking back, it was the closest thing to Elvis or Beatlemania that anyone in my age group could experience. Thriller took the world by storm, it wasn’t just an album, it was a sensation. I remember spending endless hours watching and studying the videos from this album to learn every dance move, listening to it and memorizing every word to every song, and wearing one glove and zippered jackets and teaching myself to moonwalk. It was THE defining album of my teenage years. To say I can’t wait for this show is putting it mildly. Anyone want to stage a flash mob zombie dance to track 4? See ya there! MORE DETAILS SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER THRILLER “Zombie Dance” Oct31_Classic_Albums_Thriller_Poster_WEB