Artificial Brain


Artificial Brain are a technical death metal quintet from Long Island, New York. Their core sound weds pummeling tech and death metal to the buzzing edges and Phrygian mode scales of black metal with an angular, dissonant edge and nearly subliminal growling vocals using science fiction themes as lyric inspiration. The self-released, three-track Demo 2011 presented the band with opportunities for regional touring while 2013’s Butchering Cosmic Giants EP won notice globally, netting them a record deal with Profound Lore. 2014’s long-playing debut, Labyrinth Constellation, was produced, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston; it scored dozens of positive reviews for its bracing modern approach to death metal. 2017’s Infrared Horizon proved more experimental and wide-ranging, resulting in a prime slot on Cattle Decapitation’s tour. Founding vocalist Will Smith left the band in September 2021. He was replaced by vocalist Paulo Paguntalan for immediate touring, though Smith’s voice had already been recorded for material on 2022’s Artificial Brain. ~ Thom Jurek, Rovi