Burned In Effigy


BURNED IN EFFIGY is a neoclassical melodic death metal band from Chicago, IL.

In January 2022 the band independently released its debut album ‘Rex Mortem’ which was highly acclaimed by leading heavy music media and led to the band sharing the stage with iconic acts such as IMPENDING DOOM and OBSCURA.

Featuring Mark Smedborn on vocals, Mike Hisson and Steve Bacakos on guitar, and founding members Matt Watkins on bass alongside drummer Eddie Dec, the band have taken time in finding its sound and refining its full-length debut.

A must for listeners of acts such as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and INFERI, with the band’s attention to virtuosity and intensity in equal measure, the effort and accomplishment of the band’s debut led to being talent scouted. In July 2022 BURNED IN EFFIGY signed a worldwide deal with leading New York based heavy music agency EXTREME MANAGEMENT GROUP, joining a roster that featured iconic acts such as SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, ORIGIN and MISERY INDEX. Hard at work on the bands sophomore album and aiming to take its signature melodic death metal sound across the US, and in time the world, BURNED IN EFFIGY continue to ascend in search of conquest.