By The Thousands


By The Thousands is a progressive metal band hailing from the Twin Cities. Their music is a fusion of complex rhythms, technical guitar and bass work, and deep, powerful vocals. It is the perfect blend of the aggressive, hard-hitting technical metal that the Midwest is known for, and melodic riffs and solos with newly incorporated clean vocals.

By The Thousands released their self-titled debut EP in 2014, and followed it up with their 2015 full-length album, “Connect.” They released their highly anticipated second full-length album, “Visions of Inner Depth,” on May 11th, 2018.

By The Thousands has made a name for themselves by touring relentlessly and bringing their fans an intense, high-energy live performance that leaves them begging for more. They have developed a reputation as a must-see “live band” that will crush even the highest of expectations. In today’s day and age, many bands struggle to produce a live sound that matches the quality of their recordings. With By The Thousands, that is not the case. Their crisp album sound is flawlessly replicated and is complemented by a passionately driven, fierce performance. By The Thousands is constantly reminding the metal community that nothing will stop them from being the preeminent band that their fans have grown to know and love.