Crude Humor started in 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. In mid-‘08, Omar Ortiz and Nik Vasilic began talking about starting a band with Omar on lead guitar and Nik on bass. Nik and Omar wrote some stuff that summer, but it wasn’t until that fall that they actually practiced. That fall, Bradley Modjeski joined as the drummer and the three of them started writing. Omar recruited Griffin Koziol to sing that winter,but after having him sing some of Omar’s lyrics, the band decided he wasn’t what they were looking for and instead put him on rhythm guitar and Omar on lead vocals and guitar. For the next few months, they practiced constantly and wrote over 30 new songs. In May of ‘09, Bradley began talking to Xavier Gurrola, an old classmate who had been playing guitar since like 2003. Bradley saw a potential lead guitarist in Xavier and began inviting him to practices and jam sessions. After listening to Xavier play, the band agreed that he would make a better lead guitarist than Omar and he was hired, putting Omar on rhythm guitar. At a recording session, they realized three guitarists were too hard to control and decided to let Griffin go, so in early 2010, Griffin left. With the band writing faster and slightly more complicated stuff, Nik and Bradley switched instruments in the spring of 2010 due to the facts that Nik could play faster and actually owned a drum set and that Bradley could actually play bass.

With the lineup finally stable, they got to writing more stuff and played some shows in late 2010 and early 2011. By the time late 2011/early 2012 came, the band started playing more frequently. However, Xavier quit the band in early 2012, leaving the band with another open position. The band hired Nathan Haynes to replace Xavier on guitar.

We’re influenced by Nirvana, the Ramones, Minor Threat, Dinosaur Jr., the Sex Pistols, the Dead Kennedys, NOFX, the Minutemen, Sonic Youth, the Cure, Local H, RATM, the Clash, the Misfits, boredom, stupidity, space, confusion, fancy hats, itchiness, Dennis Hehn, constant yelling, science, Baby Geniuses 2, and thinking.