Hip-Hop beats, Blue Note Horns, House Bass, South Side Drums, and West Side turntables take listeners and dancers into the music of Pete Carney and Ghost Farm.   The ten piece ensemble is a head on collision between jazz and the underground sound of Chicago.  Ghost Farm brings 5 horns, turntables, and Chicago’s best bop improvisers together in a show for listeners and dancers. Their set list tags music from Wayne Shorter and Maceo to the Killers and Radiohead.

Following his breakout Orange Alert ensemble, Carney brings the DJ generation into jazz playing analog bop over downtown grooves.  In concert, this Nu jazz warehouse party from the Midwest requires serious listening and mad dancing. From Europe to New York, the Midwest drive of Carney’s music has been recognized on NPR, NBC, and BBC.

“Very funky isn’t it sir!” -BBC Radio

“The best show of the year” Kate Mohl, producer of Jazz in the Park Festival

“Their music captured the audience” Rob Adams, Scotland Herald

“Right on time for the next generation of jazz listeners” R. Dunscomb, President of the International Assoc. of Jazz Ed.